1. Alternateur Marathon 11-625kVA
    2. Alternateur Marathon 11-625kVA
      Le générateur MAGNAPLUS® se caractérise par une haute performance, une génération de puissance fiable et une installation facile. Intégrant un régulateur de pression SE350, ce produit adopte une technologie avancée et optimisée.
    1. Alternateur Marathon 438-2250kVA
    2. Alternateur Marathon 438-2250kVA
      Engine adapters available from SAE 3 to SAE 00 with coupling discs from SAE 8 to SAE 21, Special adapters and couplings are available. Generators are designed for easy paralleling with utilities or with other generators. All units feature 2/3 pitch and low harmonics and are supplied with a PMG to provide isolation of the voltage regulators power from the load induced distortion.
    1. Alternateur Leroy Somer
    2. Alternateur Leroy Somer
      RISE Power Leroy Somer alternator is specially designed and adapted for applications in marine industry, rental and telecommunications, to name a few. The Leroy Somer lternator (LSA) is compliant with the international standards and regulations, such as IEC 60034, NEMAMG 1.22, ISO 8528/3, CSA, UL 1446, marine regulations, and more.
    1. Alternateur Stamford
    2. Alternateur Stamford
      RISE Power provide the Stamford alternator designed and made by Newage AVK SEG. The Stamford alternator features superior quality, reliable performance, easy operation, long service life, safety and durability. Hence, the Stamford alternator finds wide application in many fields.
    1. Alternateur Mecc Alte 7,8-2800kVA
    2. Alternateur Mecc Alte 7,8-2800kVA
      Appropriately designed robots and tooling carry out the machining process to the highest degree of precision which ensures maximum results in the field of quality and consistency. An equally sophisticated system provides the resin impregnation of the windings by means of VPI procedure, which consists of a pressure resin application in vacuum surge tanks.